In these times of personal responsibility, here is a simple yet powerful tool to help you stand in your own light and help others.

It takes 21 days to invoke change within oneself and align with an intention to heal and make whole anything you choose to focus on for the good of all.

Please allow yourself time to look through this, pass it on, and be a breath of fresh air for someone else.

This 21 day process* anchors intention to make significant changes in the areas of life that reflect a need for change, expansion or renewal. Profound results occur with commitment and dedication to this process. Aligning your will with spiritual law is the divine right of your existence.  Enjoy and marvel at the perfection of what happens.

Peace and love be with you,


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The Process

  1. Upon Rising, say a unifying prayer of gratitude for your existence and state your intention by making a claim for what you desire.
  2. Three times throughout the day, take a few moments to state your claim with affirmations and “tune-in” to the feeling of having it. 
  3. Upon retiring, end your day with a closing prayer of gratitude and release.

Note that after a week or so you could begin to forget the process, especially throughout the day, as the ego will start interfering. It’s good to keep sticky notes and place cards with affirmations in places that will remind you of your intentions, or invite others to encourage you along the way. Remember to pray anyway and profound things can happen. If blocks of any kind come up, place them on an altar of Light in your mind and release them with heartfelt intention.

Upon Rising:

Recognize your personal Divine Presence, and/or if you prefer, unify with more impersonal universal attributes of unconditional love, peace, harmony, abundance, and so on. Express gratitude in your own personal way.


  • The Divine Presence that I Am opens my heart with gratitude, blesses all with appreciation, and graces my love with abundant supply. I am ever grateful.
  • The love that I am is my supply, and I am grateful for feeling the oneness and endless blessings I am given each day. I honor the gift of my life with thoughts and actions of love.
  • The Divine Presence within me is the gratitude I feel and the endless supply of love and appreciation I have for my life. I open to receive my blessings.
  • I appreciate this day, and I see its gift in every way. I look within and see that I am, again, loving all the way.

State your Intention by saying, “I claim.”


  • I claim perfect health and peace of mind.
  • I claim a deeper acceptance of myself.
  • I claim a supportive atmosphere at home and work 
  • I claim a new and supportive relationship with ____ or better.
  • I claim a renewed and powerful purpose for my life.

Accept the Claim with affirmations:  Use as many as necessary to feel Acceptance.


  • I accept a firm knowing that I can have what I desire.
  • I allow the universe to supply me.
  • I step out of my way and open to receive my blessings.
  • My natural gifts flow through me and support me with ease.

Express Gratitude with Release:


  • I surrender to divine intention flowing through my life, and I open to receive love’s blessings.
  • With gratitude, I embrace the grace that surround me, and I live in acceptance and peace.  
  • I allow the spiritual laws to manifest my good now.
  • Upon retiring you might say: As I sleep, I surrender all to the Light and begin anew each day.

End the prayer with:   And So It Is, Amen.

For the purpose of ritual, I think it’s best to keep this prayer process simple and heartfelt. However, lengthy prayers do result when consciousness opens to acceptance. If you want to elaborate on the process, refer to the Sacred Anchors website for specific prayer instructions at http://sacredanchors.com


*This Process was adapted from my own teaching and Gloria Karpinski’s “Twenty One Day Prayer Prescription” in her book, Barefoot On Holy Ground.

Anchoring Enduring Love

I saw her face relax and give over to the release of the body. Her soul knew its place and was eager to leave with her soulmate who passed four days earlier. As suffering ceased with a last gasp of breath, my exhausted mother was able to leave her burdened body for us to bury.  

Both everything and nothing mattered in that moment. My brother and I looked at each other as time put a period on her existence. The body kept trying with a heart still beating, but she was gone, and they called time of death.

My brothers went through the same thing with dad four days earlier. Dad died on a full moon, and I made it to the hospital 30 minutes after his death. He didn’t look like my dad, lying there with his mouth open, extending upward as if something was pulling him from his head. I’ve never seen a more authentic expression on a face in my life.  

Dad was frozen in the awe of release with a look of agony and ecstasy at the same time. I couldn’t stop looking at it, and I wanted to take it with me so I could feel his last breath and be a part of his life at the end. I had missed out on my dad most of my life, but I would not miss this, so I photographed it and held it to my heart that night to keep the sadness we both deserved to feel. 

It’s funny that the photograph didn’t capture

the energy I could feel coming from him.  

The moments of death gave way to lessons learned and experiences that marked a life with meaning, gifting those who bared it. I thought of mom and what few words could both sum up such a woman and honor her nature. What did she represent? I imagine the answer would be different depending on who you ask, but for me, for what I knew of her emotional pain, it would be enduring love, the kind of love that is unconditional by nature.

They say parents love their children unconditionally, as if there is something programmed in to solder connections throughout time. It doesn’t always guarantee connection, acceptance, and presence though. My mom shared those qualities with everyone who knew her. Regardless of what heartache she suffered inside, she was always there, always upholding one’s desire to do or feel better about themselves.

My mom taught me how to endure, how to not give up or give in where love was concerned, how loving anyway was what mattered, even though often judged as weak by others. I could feel its enduring power and, at times, wished she wouldn’t be that way too. But she was, and by nature, true to her heart and true to you, no matter what you’d do. She anchored endurance for loving anyway, and…

…She taught me how to stay.

As love would have it, mom finally got what she wanted; committed, unconditional, doting love from my father, and the ability to open her heart to him, no matter what they had been through. Dad had let his love out too. After decades of feeling separate, their final years were what young lovers first dreamed of, far beyond what they expected of themselves or each other.  

Love endures and comes through for us,

making us one with another.  

Rayford Donald Duncan, March 30, 1927 – April 28, 2018

Iva Jean Yount Duncan, March 8, 1932 – May 2, 2018

Rayford and Iva were married for 70 year and passed from this life four days apart. Rayford was 91, and Iva was 86. Their legacy is a love story of enduring love for each other.


Mom…Dad…thank you for my life,

Tara Diamond 5.19.2018

A Gift for You

Dear One,

I have a gift for you and anyone you might know who is going through breast cancer.

I am sharing an article I wrote about my experience with healing breast cancer.  It’s a very thorough and personal account of an integrated approach that speaks to many levels of experience with medical and alternative healing modalities, from physical to metaphysical.

Click here for your PDF:  https://sacredanchors.leadpages.co/sacred-anchors-landing-page/#

This soul’s story is about straddling the great divide within the self and the one reflected in the outer world of treatment modalities.  The ultimate message is about wholistic healing, awareness, and support.

This is my contribution to expanding awareness and compassion for breast cancer awareness month.


Dying to Live…

An Integrated Approach to

Healing Breast Cancer:

A Personal Account

By Tara Diamond

Click on the link below to get your PDF


Please allow yourself time to look through this and pass it on to anyone who might benefit from reading it…and have a blessed day.

Be a breath of fresh air to someone.



Dear friends,

I’ve been out of touch for a while, and I’ve missed you.  I trust that these words find you well and happy.

I’ve surfaced after a long journey of healing breast cancer, and all parts of my life have been touched by it.  I chose an integrative approach that addressed all levels from physical to spiritual, and I felt the healing was complete inside before hearing my oncologist say outside that I’m…


During the process, the only thing that wasn’t affected by the cancer treatments was that still, small voice that got stronger and more definite as time passed.  As my physical body weakened, my soul body strengthened, and after a while, its voice, and its voice alone, got me through the long process.  From the time of its embrace, I’ve felt more natural than ever before.

Over the years, I’ve evolved into a more authentic expression of myself, but in this last chapter, it felt like an old self was erased and replaced with a pure and simple presence in the now moment with a truer sense of purpose and peace.  From here, compared to what it used to be, life is like…

…a breath of fresh air.

What happens inside happens outside, and I’m more firmly anchored in this truth than ever before.  I have a different relationship with healing now, and my work has evolved beyond my understanding.  I stand for alignment with higher intention and detachment from karmic patterns more than ever before.   I accept and appreciate the gift of it all.

I invite you to lighten your life and free what within you wants to express.  Let me help you hear that voice inside, release what confines it, and keeps you from having and doing what you truly want to do.   Even habits that hang onto an old self will give way, and the new will fill your world like…

…a breath of fresh air.

I am restructuring and developing materials to launch in the fall.  Until then, my price structure remains the same.  Please contact me for a consultation or session to free yourself to be more of who you truly are.

And remember…what we touch with light makes love.



Hummingbird Open Beak

These baby hummingbirds were half grown when I saw them in the garden last week.  I missed the eggs, the hatching, and early growth, but plan to photograph them each day until they fly away.  One was standing and flapping its wings today…so cute.

Love, TARA

Tara-Diamond-Self-Portrait-copy for web

From Thoughts That Think:  2 April 2015

After a point, we can only grow by letting things go, releasing what has passed, and holding space for a self that seems to take up more and more time as it quickly passes too.

Yesterday, Thoughts That Think Through Me said, “the only way I’m going to make it, is to live up to who I am and what I can do.”  I got it, and with it I felt the most profound confidence and rightness of being…kind of like a natural determinism that takes no effort.  Reasons for keeping myself small outnumbered my ability to carry them years ago.  I’d let them go, but didn’t know it.  The truth is so much easier to manage, so much lighter to bear, such a breath of fresh air.  Don’t waste time on anything else.

I’ve been undergoing treatments for breast cancer for the past year.  The selfie above was taken in January during radiation.  Believe me, it’s a less-is-more type of experience.  Its play with time is beyond words, and it took everything feminine away, except what it truly is…without the trimmings. What a lesson in acceptance…and grace.

Robert Schuller passed over yesterday.  He was a great man, and quite inspiring for me years ago in ministerial training when I studied his success.  Success was a product of him, of course.  They showed a clip of him preaching on ABC News, and in it he said,

“Never look at what you have lost…Never!  Look at what you have left.”

Robert Schuller

How Fitting.



See It Through

Black heart white flower

I had just finished working on this image, and I ran into something Mark Nepo posted in The Huffington Post that said it all!  I couldn’t believe how fitting it was, so I’m including it as one interpretation to this image. What would yours be?


“For all the hardships that life throws at us, I have always felt that life keeps living. Perhaps not in the same form or in a way that is recognizable. But life keeps pulsing under everything. And no matter the pain or confusion I face, something in me keeps reaching for that irrepressible pulse. This poem comes from my reaching.”


From the balcony of this restaurant, I watch
a hundred lives below: burrowing and laugh-
ing and finding their way. And perhaps because
I’ve lost my father and our beloved dog in the
last year, perhaps because at sixty-three, I see
over the final hill more clearly, I also see the
hundreds on the other side, still burrowing
and laughing and finding their way. I don’t
know if this is alarming or a comfort: that
we go on the same, that the gleam pressed
out of every hardship is the jewel of existence,
here and on the other side. So I spoon my
soup and sip my wine, knowing the balcony
is the gutter and the gutter is the balcony,
that the dark waits all curled up in the light,
and the light, thank God, waits all curled up
in the dark. (MN)

“A Question to Walk With: Describe a moment in which you have felt the irrepressible force of life coming through.” Mark Nepo

Tara Monk Tree 2

30 years ago today, I drove into California. Finally made it to MONK 🙂

Bhakti’s Longing

Bhakti’s Longing: I made this video/movie during a very potent time. There’s a story behind it, of course….coming soon. Be sure to watch it full screen! This is what I wrote about it on youtube:

This video speaks to the holy longing that moves one from heartfelt searching to union with the Divine. Desire is the fuel that took me into the heart of love. What started out as a longing for human fulfillment turned into the infinite fulfillment of divine love. We seek love in all of our human relationships yet rarely find it. When divine love flowered from within me, the focus shifted from the outside to the inside so that I found the source of love within me. At this time, I felt my authentic love for the Divine. I also realized that this overwhelming love, which mystics call bhakti or devotion, is my intimate, or authentic path to self realization. Oddly enough, I found myself missing the longing.

Produced by Tara Diamond at Sacred Anchors.

Ode to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Ode to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Photo by Tara Diamond

Excerpts from Letters to Stephe:  Ode to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Excerpts from Letters to Stephe is an ongoing collection of writing and recollections between childhood sweethearts coming together again during the magical time of a shared Saturn return.  Each longing for an earlier time of love with someone, they are taken back to their beginning when shared auras brought promise of future discovery of what their innocent selves would bring to life.  Their exchanges are a very sweet chapter in the Greater Mystery of life they are both obsessed with, each in their similar yet differing ways.  Stay tuned to future excerpts (by Tara Diamond).

Tara Diamond

10 February, 2014:  Stephe’s poetry

On occasion, profound poems come out of the blue to me, triggered by truths one recognizes but could only guess what might have stimulated them. I read them in wonder and feel touched in familiar places of recognition or regret that I could never put into words like these.  They’re written by Stephen Pike (Stephe) whose depth of heart is only equaled by his brilliant mind, which embraces the full spectum of thouoght and endeavor.  He always comes up with amazing ideas and ceaseless energy to explore and prove the universe.  He began his explorations as a child, and from all accounts, still does it today.  How free his spirit is to roam!  How determined his humanity is to hammer it down to understanding that far surpasses the normal mind.  He refers to himself as “a psychologist who is studying philosophy of mind in the South Pacific.”  Believe me…he is much, much more.

The following poems are Stephe’s response to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death.  To me the poems are about the beauty of existence, of aspects of its continuity, and the good fortune existence found as it sought to be felt through Hoffman’s embrace.  It was handed to us on a silver platter with all he had to give.  Unfortunately, though, it gave into another mystery that took his talent away.  What a price to pay.

This is what Stephe has to say:


the common skin of our time

if ever

there were whispers

delicate enough

to carry my intentions

and yet strong enough

to capture your mind

i could return the thought

to its familiar circle of reflection

and bind the heart to time

a failing now

hangs upon tomorrow’s edge

and reaches out

across the yawning gap

entreating creative disciples

to formulate some technology

of recognition

compelling in its magic and

captivating in its construction

sufficient to the resolution of need

something profound in its chemistry

something shocking in its circuitry

something insistent in its humanity

a thing so small

so impossibly light

that it may be carried

by the merest suggestion

of a breath

or communicated

in the briefest slide of a look

a thing capable of being transmitted

on the light

across the battlefields of greed

across the emptiness of fear

across the arrogance of corruption

to find purchase upon the fingertips

of those who hold the triggers

or upon the cheek

of those who lock the vaults

to grow there in the softest patience

into an irresistible invasion

into the veins of the readied muscles

searching in its fibrous roots

for the beating heart

and there reconnect

the lost compassion

long exiled to the cage of

constructs by dark passions

calling familiar hopes

and forgotten knowledge

back to the life defined

upon the common skin

of our time



Ode to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Ode to Philip Seymour Hoffman

Photo by Stephen Pike, a psychologist who is studying

philosophy of mind in the South Pacific


they fly and fall

they fly and fall

and we track their

flight of aspirations

upon the trajectory defined

across their movement

against the sky

against the blue sky

against the clouded sky

against the edge of the world

their small form

silhouetted against the light

rising upon the currents of the willing winds

content within the sphere of perception

surrounding them in the risks

they fly and fall

they dive and swoop

and we stand too far below for them

to hear our appreciations

our confusion at such talent

so far removed from

the familiar character of life

they fly and fall

guided by something

beyond the capacity of words

and beyond our reflections

a slender dream of something

removed from the limits of the world

revealed in the path of their flight

something internal to their being

something guiding their wings

something reading the winds

something of a belief

internal to their form

a secret thought

of the impossible

spinning faster than time

in the fierce solution to the invisible forces

reaching just beyond the range of a mortal


in the accumulation of their brief days

they define the holy aspects

of the ephemeral

they fly


they fall




common mortality

a path without intent

without curves

the line of a fall

held in fixed attention

 by something more permanent

than the inconstant wind

they fall

in the release

of the exception

and in the final surrender

of the reach of their wings

now folded

we watch and wonder

how is it that such grace

may come to forgotten hope

and how could the sky fail

to cradle their soaring soul

revealing the scope of

its invisible magic

in their flight

how could the sky

forget their beauty

and permit the small shadow of

identity to fall down upon

the moment unfinished

and be lost to the

 forever dust of time

leaving behind

 the course of their flight

uncompleted now,

except upon the expectation

of what might have been

a different path into the future

had the soul not grown weary

of its own reflection

and determined the sky insufficient

to the hope of its dreams




I hope you enjoyed it,